Fashion Inspired Senior Pictures – Model Contest

We kicked off the 2012 Year with more fashion inspired senior pictures of our newest model reps for the studio. They are currently battling it out for votes on Facebook in order to win prizes. Fashion inspired senior pictures are driven by fashion trends and the constant need to stay modern and relavent. Most studios that focus on “high school seniors” have become so boring and cliche with their photography, but we refuse to take the easy way out. Fashion trends change often and so do the knowledge necessary to recreate fashion tones, sets and overall styling that is required to be a professional photographer staying with the times. Fashion inspired senior pictures are influenced by Vogue, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, GQ and the numerous advertisements geared toward showcasing pop culture.

We focus on remaining relevant, modern and keeping you looking your absolute best.

If you are interested in experiencing your own fashion inspired senior pictures session, join in the model program while there is still time. Fill out the application here.

In the meantime check out our current models and vote to help them win the contest on our Facebook page.