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Denver Commercial Photographer: DU Gymnast Jorie Hall

Jorie Hall, a star on the DU Gymanstics team, showed her stuff in front the lights and camera. As meticulous about the lighting as the Denver commercial photographer is, Jorie is about her form, work ethic and achieving perfection. Jorie coached at a local gymnastics club, Colorado Gymnastics Institute, and everyone seems to just love her. A specialist on beam and floor, Jorie was definitely excited about her floor routine.

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Vault: 1 Year Anniversary Competition

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of launching VAULT and we are going to celebrate it with the people that have made it such a huge success; OUR GYMNASTS, CLUBS AND THEIR FAMILIES!

It’s amazing how fast time has flown by since the the launch of our Vault Fundraising program. It was one year ago we did our first test shoot that quickly became viral among the gymnastics community, not only in the Denver area, but to date, we have been as far as Grand Junction and continue to capture interest. While the photography is an intricate part of what we do, Vault is about so much more. Raising the awareness of our area’s social community, promoting club gymnastics and creating a sense of family across the Colorado gymnastics community are key pillars.

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Denver Sports Photography – Olympic Gymnast Jessica Lopez

We had the opportunity to talk with and shoot 2008 Olympic Gymnast, Jessica Lopez a few days ago.. Jessica, originally from Venezuela, competed in the NCAA for the University of Denver and qualified as an individual Olympic gymnast for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Since her appearance in the 2008 Olympics, Jessica has made numerous appearance in the World Gymnastics Championship scene leaving her mark.

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